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Arjuna sees the JBoss deal as a major opportunity for strengthening the services.The Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio of products includes: Red Hat Enterprise Application Platform - Enhances the Wildfly application server community project to.

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JBoss Monday announced it has added to its Java middleware stack by acquiring transaction processing software from Arjuna Technologies and HP.

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JBoss must be shut down before editing any of these configuration files.

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The JBoss Application Server is configured using various XML configuration files.

JBoss Acquires Rosetta ESB Technology by Miko Matsumura on Jun 16,.JBoss on Monday is set to make enterprise transactional software part of its open source software portfolio.

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Hi, where can i configure com.arjuna.ats.jta.allowMultipleLastResources property in JBoss7.JBoss transactions could used in a Spring application for various reasons.

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Chapter 1. Architecture of the Recovery Manager

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DTF was initially developed as an in-house testing tool for ArjunaTS at HP Arjuna Labs and later at Arjuna.Arjuna Technologies Limited is a world leading innovator in distributed.

JBoss Inc. has added to its Java middleware stack by acquiring transaction processing software from Arjuna Technologies Ltd. and Hewlett-Packard Co., JBoss announced.Arjuna Berry Farms has a reputation for growing the best quality berries.

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I just deployed my code in a JBOSS server and noticed this-com.arjuna.ats.arjuna.log ging. etc Just curious about the name and how it came up in a command line.More specifically, is there a way to reliably identify the version of a library that.

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Discussion on data access with Spring, including support for JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, iBatis, NoSQL, LDAP, and transaction management.

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JBoss will open source the technology and add it to its JBoss Enterprise Middleware System (JEMS) as a standalone project, JBoss Transactions, and as an add-on.JBoss has acquired distributed transaction monitor and web services technologies owned by Arjuna Technologies and HP, and will open source them for the JBoss.

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Terminalia arjuna (Arjuna) is a tree that has its bark used medicinally, usually for the purposes of cardioprotection.

JBoss today said it has acquired distributed transaction monitor and Web services technologies from Arjuna Technologies and HP.WildFly, formerly known as JBoss AS, or simply JBoss, is an application server authored by JBoss, now developed by Red Hat.

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Arjuna Takes a Major Role on World Stage. JBoss Inc, in a move which will.

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And with this move, JBoss gains technology from HP and Arjuna, as well as engineering talent expert in Web services transactions, including Mark Little, former CTO of.

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When starting up a fresh instance of JBoss 6.1, I get the following error from Arjuna Recovery Manager, which I believe is part of the jboss-ts transaction service.When you buy an Arjuna Berry you are getting the very best from.